A little piece of paradise 
under the Brdy hills

Who we are?

Welcome to our (for now) little world full of joy, laughter, trials and errors, kids, sun, ideas, animals and flowers. We were both born in the city, and the most challenging thing we cared about was guinea pig or parakeet. We fell in love with south Brdy nature, and step by step, we are trying to build a lovely place where our life will be in harmony with nature. We enjoy gradually bringing our crazy ideas to life, and despite many tumbles, we do not relent. And we will be very happy if you stop by us. Either just for peek and talk or even for some bee or chicken goodness.

Martin & Helča & Kryštof & Ema


In small Brdy village Hořehledy, we want to build a place where our love for animals and nature will intertwine with our desire to show everyone how beautiful our landscape is.  We are at the beginning of a lifelong determination to create a place where plants, animals and humans will connect in mutual respect with pleasure.

We are trying to weave our household and other operations with the threat of environmental responsibility. We are minimizing plastic consumption, supporting local products, baking our bread (and we are gladly willing to share the sourdough) and growing vegetables and herbs.

From 2020, we are able to delight the nearby area and visitors from afar with the offer of organic eggs and homemade honey. In the more distant future, there is an idea of offering farmed chicken from more rare chicken breeds, lamb or rabbit meat and other produce. We also aim to stable horses, breed horned bulls and produce our own cheese and sausages. Let’s see where life takes us…



Against the background of the resort services, there is a gentle line of one large family's desire to create something beautiful under the Brdy. This line is constantly changing, waving, getting tangled… Just as each member of the family imprints something of themselves in the face of the resort. That is why everything you will find here, has a real foundation in our own lives.


We perceive the beauty and fragility of the world around us. Although it may sound like a cliché, we want everyone to see it that way, even after many years when we are no longer here. That's why we are trying to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment and confront new ideas with effect on life around us.


Brdy. for now, present a kind of exception compared to similar areas around. Despite being accessible on foot from Prague, you will hardly encounter the influence of civilization in its immediate vicinity. You will not find any campsites, restaurants, hotels or fun parks  there. There are also no ski slopes or lookout towers, only endless forests and untouched nature. And we love that!


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