They are our pride, we take them as family members.

Blackbeard named the whole park, Apricot bears beautiful greenish mini-eggs, Torpedo is the boss. They love beets and freshly cut grass.

Every day, our hens walk in their own Japanese garden with a sandpit, a swing, climbing frames and a bench to relax. They can bask in the sun, hop on a rock or rest in the shade of an old cherry tree. And thanks to that, they bear beautiful brightly coloured eggs with yolks so deep yellow that even the Saharan sand envies them

Since June 2019, we have been breeding Dominant hens in the Dark Shell, Green Shell and Brindle breeds. In April 2020, we supplemented the hens and roosters of the Silkworm breed. (later also in the USA variant).

At the end of July 2020, we succeeded in breeding the first silky Hedvabnicky, the joy of the chicks was enormous. And more followed during the year, which is why we divided the original enclosure into 2 parts, for each breed with enough space for frolicking and resting. In 2021, there was a major reconstruction and rebuilding of the entire area and we now have 5 paddocks and 3 breeding pens for a total of 4 breeds. You can also find relatively rare Ayam Cemani (originating from Indonesia) or Araucana from Chile.

The girls' home overnight and in bad weather are 2 modern insulated chicken houses with an aviary (in 2022 enlarged by another large winter aviary), where they have all the comfort of roosting and lots of laying boxes. The chicken coops are equipped with a light sensor, so every day he lets the hens in and closes them himself. In addition, we also have removable mini chicken coops for hens who are not feeling well or for mothers with chickens, so that they have the peace of mind they need to raise them.

If you are interested in eggs or chickens, send us a message, we will be happy to talk to you...



Against the background of the resort services, there is a gentle line of one large family's desire to create something beautiful under the Brdy. This line is constantly changing, waving, getting tangled… Just as each member of the family imprints something of themselves in the face of the resort. That is why everything you will find here, has a real foundation in our own lives.


We perceive the beauty and fragility of the world around us. Although it may sound like a cliché, we want everyone to see it that way, even after many years when we are no longer here. That's why we are trying to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment and confront new ideas with effect on life around us.


Brdy for now, present a kind of exception compared to similar areas around. Despite being accessible on foot from Prague, you will hardly encounter the influence of civilization in its immediate vicinity. You will not find any campsites, restaurants, hotels or fun parks  there. There are also no ski slopes or lookout towers, only endless forests and untouched nature. And we love that!


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