Our bees are not only honey-bearing but above all ultra-modernly smart

Our bees are not only honey-bearing but above all ultra-modern smart and digital, thanks to #probee by Softech.

Bees do best when you don't bother them too much. But without it, it is difficult, and not always in time, to know that something is happening to them and that something needs to be fixed.

Our hives have built-in acoustic sensors, thermometers, GPS modules and a scale under them. A clever program recognizes that the bees are about to swarm, or that the hive has been moved by the wind. Or that everything is fine and honey is growing as it should. We have QR codes on the hives, thanks to which we can put a note of inspection on our phone and we don't even have to take off thick beekeeping gloves.

We are glad that we can connect nature and modern technology in such a beautiful and non-violent way for the benefit of both sides! You can see what information we receive from the hives and how it changes during the hours and days in the graph below this text.

We bottle our own delicious honey every year. If you are interested in it, let us know...

Včelky II.


Against the background of the resort services, there is a gentle line of one large family's desire to create something beautiful under the Brdy. This line is constantly changing, waving, getting tangled… Just as each member of the family imprints something of themselves in the face of the resort. That is why everything you will find here, has a real foundation in our own lives.


We perceive the beauty and fragility of the world around us. Although it may sound like a cliché, we want everyone to see it that way, even after many years when we are no longer here. That's why we are trying to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment and confront new ideas with effect on life around us.


Brdy. for now, present a kind of exception compared to similar areas around. Despite being accessible on foot from Prague, you will hardly encounter the influence of civilization in its immediate vicinity. You will not find any campsites, restaurants, hotels or fun parks  there. There are also no ski slopes or lookout towers, only endless forests and untouched nature. And we love that!


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