The new PAR 5, which does not arouse respect by its length, but by the curve of its fairway. The first straight shot at a distance of about 160 - 180 meters is a necessity because on the inside of the out left and the safety net does nothing else. Behind the net, the fairway expands, but grown trees can complicate the next game. Out on the left ends at the upper edge of the forest nursery, on the right begins at about 140 m from the tee and stretches to the green. For the second shot, the fairway is already expanding and rising, turning slightly to the right at the horizon. A very long drive through the protection net on the left is very risky but will allow a birdie attack. In any case, the second shot should be pointed towards the middle or slightly to the left of the fairway to avoid the fairway bunker at the level of the impact and not have to play through trees and cars. Green is protected by a deeper banker on the right. Length M 390 m, F 360 m.

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